SATS Online training programs

The SATS Online app is the partner app for your Rflex that is included in your family membership. If you don't have an Rflex, we now offer SATS Online which allows you to take full advantage of Mentra with your phone, browser or with chromecast/airplay!

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New workouts are launched weekly - don't miss them!

Use the SATS Online app to review all the sessions in our training library.

Personal overview page Your profile is your personal dashboard: we update it daily and always suggest new workouts that might suit you. You will also find your favorites and the latest training sessions here.

On-demand library Click the Play icon in the navigation bar to access the entire library of workouts. You can search by exercise type (eg strength, cardio or yoga) and filter by intensity level, time, equipment and trainer.

Schedule Looking for the real studio experience? Click on the "Calendar icon" in the navigation bar to view our weekly schedule. Plan the week ahead and add upcoming scheduled workouts to your calendar.

SATS Online training programs

What is the SATS Online Training Programme?

Training programs are combinations of training sessions around a specific theme, goal or even challenge. A training program consists of several steps. Our instructors have carefully designed these programs, some are intended to be completed within a set period of time, while others can be completed at your own pace.


How does it work?

Our training programs are flexible and adapt to you and your mood: you can complete training sessions during a program in the order you want, or follow our instructors' recommendations.

You can also "skip sessions" by marking them as complete if you can't or don't want to do that specific session.


Where can I find SATS Online training programmes?

Click the Play icon in the app's navigation bar to see the full list of workouts. You can filter programs by instructor, equipment and time. On your Rflex, you will always be able to see the next session of an already started training program to be able to jump straight into the training.

Save your favorite sessions

To bookmark a workout or workout program from the mobile application, select the workout from the library and tap the "heart icon" on the workout page. Your favorite sessions will appear on the application's home page, as well as on Rflex for quick access.

Leave a training session

Do you have to end your training early? No need to worry, you can stop training at any time. Follow these simple steps: 1. Tap anywhere on the screen during your workout to display the control panel 2. Press the "Leave training" button at the top of the screen to leave


When you leave a workout, you won't be able to pick up where you left off, but you can always start over.

Having trouble quitting? Contact member services