Train together

What is "Exercise together"?

"Exercise together" is SATS Online's feature that allows you to invite up to 50 friends and family to your favorite session anytime - anywhere. How to use "Exercise together"

Step 1

- Select any session in the SATS Online SATS app

Step 2

- Start "Training Together" on the "Training Sessions" page by selecting the group icon at the top of

Step 3

- Press "Start training together"

Step 4

- Share the link with up to 50 friends via text, email, etc.

Step 5

- You will now see the other participants join the "waiting room". When everyone is ready, select "Start time" and your "Workout Together" session will start💪

More information

The "Workout Together Host" is in control of the workout – they can pause, fast-forward and end the workout at any time. All participants have control over their own camera, microphone and can give feedback by pressing the screen at any time during the training. All participants can end the session whenever they want. If you accidentally leave a "Train Together" session, you can rejoin the class and you will be returned to the start of the workout.