Hip and groin problems are in most cases benign and can be influenced through manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and help with adapted activity. Disorders from that region are more common among women and men over the age of 40 and can sometimes be early signs of osteoarthritis of the hip joint. In osteoarthritis of the hip joint, the first alternative, in treatment, is adapted training. Younger active people sometimes suffer from injuries to muscle attachments and tendons in the groin region, not infrequently in connection with sports. Then it is important to gradually rebuild the strength of these structures through adapted training. SATS physiotherapists are happy to help you with this. Through early intervention, you also minimize the risk of developing secondary problems and unnecessary anxiety.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following descriptions?

  • Pain and stiffness in the groin when you get up after sitting for a while?

  • Recurrent groin pain in the groin during position changes with effect on the mobility of the hip joint?

  • Excessive pain in the groin, buttocks or front thighs when loading standing and walking. Worsens with increased walking distance?

  • Maybe you have had surgery for or have one of the following diagnoses and need help with customized training; groin hernia, hip prosthesis, trochanteritis, adductor tendinosis, hamstring syndrome, osteitis pubis, nerve entrapment, fracture of the hip or femur, stress fracture of the femoral neck, coxarthrosis?

Do you recognize the problems?

Welcome to one of our physiotherapists for diagnosis, recommended activity adjustment and rehabilitation or if necessary a referral for further investigation.