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Five myths about PT

There are many myths about training with a personal trainer, and here we take a look at five of them.

MYTH Number 1

Myth: Only well-trained people who train a lot have a personal trainer. The truth: People in different phases of their training use a personal trainer. A personal trainer is just as useful for a beginner as it is for someone with long experience. The trainer adapts the content and exercises of the sessions to your level of experience and capacity, and will thus help you to the next level no matter what level you start at.

MYTH Number 2

Myth: Only wealthy people have a personal trainer. The truth: Wrong. We have members of all ages and with different backgrounds who train with NPT. And they have one thing in common - they want help with their training. In SATS, we offer various packages so that you can choose the NPT solution that is right for you. Our PTs are ready to receive you!

MYTH Number 3

Myth: Personal coaching is not a "proper" profession, you really do not need an education. The truth: The NPT profession has developed a lot in recent years, and several of our personal trainers have the profession as a full-time job. We only recruit personal trainers from a limited number of quality educations, and we work continuously to educate and coach them so that you as a customer will receive the best help available, from real professionals.

MYTH Number 4

Myth: The only thing a personal trainer does is shout at me to work harder. The truth: For personal trainers, the classic "military style" is a thing of the past. We still try to motivate you, but as we see it, dialogue is a much better tool to achieve this. Many relationships between NPT and the customer develop into a form of mentor relationship where your NPT helps you achieve your goals both in terms of training and health and in life in general.

MYTH Number 5

Myth: A personal trainer is only useful if I want to build muscle. The truth: Ideals change over time, and most people today do not want to look like a bodybuilder. Our personal trainers are trained to help you set goals and reach them. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, get rid of your weaknesses or just improve your overall health, they know how to help you. If you pray nicely, they can also help you build big muscles.